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Points are offered each time you place an order you will gain $5 per order placed on our site redeemable for a new hairstyle after 9 Orders you will accumulate in store points to use for a free hairstyle of your choice free shipping is offered exclusively to our VIP club members no fee to join free just register by email if you would like to get started click the link below to get started with our Points club included in your Black Diamonds Vip club we will send a in store credit card and free coupon codes each month get  surprise points you can use anytime



Redeemable online and in our boutiques! Terms & Conditions apply


Example of Points System

Asia is getting ready for her wedding and she, places an order for $200 worth of hair and other items  this time Asia earned 2000 points ! this means for every $20 she spends she gets $5 in points this means she has earned $10 for this order if she continues to order for 8 more orders


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Refer your friends and when they place and order earn $10 for each $100 they spend it pays to have friends with our points system you will also get to use your points on new items !


Tweet about Us and earn


Share your status and use a Picture on FB Google Plus Twitter

Youtube Videos Instagram get 2000 Points*

Take a Picture create a video review and get free points and also win a modeling contract with us for one year we need a face for our company keep this in mind ladies because we are a U.S based hair company we need fresh diverse women to model our hair because all women are diamonds in different shades Thank you for your continued support




Points Policy

  1. Points never expire
  2. Points have to be used by the account holder or authorized users
  3. Points are disbursed based on social media shares earn.
  4. Users cannot use points on certain items Sale items are prohibited.
  5. Points cannot be used to remove tax on large orders.
  6. Returned orders are not eligible for points.
  7. Videos must have Black diamonds link to track orders to get points we verify the points each month and track each referral account.
  8. Agents are allowed to provide points if approved by management
  9. Supervisors employees are prohibited from using points and coupons for 100% of the order.
  10. Payment plans are not eligible for points unless order is over $300.00
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